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Bolt appreciates LATRA’s decision on new tariff guidelines.

This follows LATRA’s publication of Gazette Notice Number 7284 on the revised ride-hailing business tariff rules on December 30, 2022.
Bolt Regional Manager, Eastern Africa, Kenneth Micah said in a statement issued yesterday that “we would like to appreciate LATRA and the relevant authorities that have worked tirelessly to ensure that the concerns raised by the industry stakeholders were addressed, to ensure a win-win situation for all stakeholders”.
Bolt will make the appropriate adjustments to its commission and passenger fare pricing structure in accordance with the tariff rules in the upcoming days in light of LATRA’s new regulations for the participants in the ride-hailing business.

According to the statement, Bolt will continue to provide full-scale operations to ensure that hundreds of thousands of users in Mainland Tanzania have access to affordable, safe, and convenient modes of transportation.
“We are also committed to ensuring that the thousands of drivers in Tanzania who use the Bolt platform continue to have access to earning opportunities,” the company said.

In a statement, Bolt added that he was dedicated to working with LATRA and other key industry players going forward to guarantee the development of a competitive and friendly ride-hailing business in Tanzania.
Following the publication of LATRA’s Order No. 01/2022 in March 2022, when LATRA intended to cap the commission at 15%, LATRA and other significant industry stakeholders engaged in a number of discussions.
Bolt thus decided to temporarily follow the instruction in order to show good faith despite the detrimental effects the capping had on the company.

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