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Apple’s iOS 16.4: What to Know

Apple’s iOS 16.4 update has a few new features that users may find helpful. One of the most notable changes is the introduction of a new privacy feature called App Privacy Report, which will allow users to view how often apps have accessed their location, camera, microphone, and other sensitive data. This can help users identify apps that may be collecting too much personal information.

Another update in iOS 16.4 is the ability to sort photos in the Photos app by date added, which can be useful for organizing large photo collections. Additionally, the update includes improvements to Apple Music, such as better navigation and the ability to share lyrics and song clips via iMessage.

Overall, the iOS 16.4 update offers some useful additions for users concerned about privacy and those who want to better organize their photos. Apple continues to prioritize user privacy with new features like App Privacy Report, while also improving the overall user experience with new features and enhancements to existing ones.

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